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Ronny Bass

Blue Heron Crewneck

Blue Heron Crewneck

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With a Standard Sleeve or Altered Sleeve available, anyone can find their curated fit for desired look. For example, I wear a size Small with a standard sleeve, OR a size large with an altered sleeve. Depending on the feel. Insider Tip though.... The oversized feel with the gender euphoric sleeve alteration is reallllllly where it's at.

Find your favorite sweatshirt at home and check out the size chart / different images to find your perfect size.

The Blue Heron Crewneck is a rich slate blue, inspired by the Big Blue Heron that hangs around my neighborhood. I spend a lot of time watching him, and a lot of time wearing blue. I've found this specific shade works with so much, and I hope you love it too. Every time I see Big Blue, I know I'm in luck. That's why you'll find a horse shoe on the back of this one <3

Hand Dyed +Block printed in house.

Big love! Cheers! Excelsior baby!


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